Our Story

At TECHBus our mission simple: give individuals and families ACCESS to the internet and technology education to create OPPORTUNITY and achieve EQUITY for the economic development of the Rio Grande Valley

TECHBus is a mobile unit outfitted as a robust wireless computer lab and teaching center dedicated to connecting families to the internet with web-based courses geared towards digital literacy for children and adults as well as giving access to online needs-based resources. TECHBus is most excited to offer computer science courses using Border Kids Code curriculum! Essentially, TECHBus will help close the digital divide in the Rio Grande Valley.

TECHBus, championed by Hidalgo County Commissioner Eduardo Cantu, was created based on research that suggests that the digital divide is growing wider and wider in the rural Texas, especially in South Texas.
Why does the digital divide matter? Because access to the internet is access to information and online resources such as job and school applications, needs assistance, educational and communication tools, e-commerce sites, alongside a host of other resources found solely on the web.

Preliminary research states, “access is critical to U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. Upgrading lets consumers use the Internet in new ways, increases the productivity of American individuals and businesses, and drives innovation throughout the digital ecosystem.”

In short, when communities are connected communities thrive.

Communities that will be served by Techbus will gain free wireless access within a 5 mile radius of the bus while simultaneously offering courses in the lab that is poised to seat 20 students of all ages. The curriculum will feature digital literacy courses as well give children and adults the opportunity to use the web for educational and needs based purposes.